Scope of Business

Bellary is hub of the business in Karnataka representing as a major business centre out of 28 districts of Karnataka, this is coming under kalyana karnataka and lot of scope to explore the business. Bellary is famous in Mining baron enriched with deposits of million & billion tons of minerals like ferrous & magnesium etc. Bellary is coming under transitional climate, starting from rainy season to summer, congenial for growing the food crops, horticulture crops and also for poultry, seri culture, bee keeping etc. Thus there is ample scope for setting up of agro based industries like food, textiles, oil mills etc. existing agro based industry is the proff. Animal husbandry & poultry is also thriving in the bellary dist. With all this BDCC&I is having ample scope for motivating its members as well as other entepruners & agriculturist to explore the options of their choice.