Late Sri. Guduthur Thimmappa Shetty

Founder (1888-1955)

A strong man with unparalleled administrative talents and great determination. Sri. Guduthur Thimmappa Shetty born & brought up in a noble culture, he derived his values of generosity benevolence and social service from his family and social background. He possess excellent knowledge on human psychology and was also endowed with impressive organizational capabilities that were well evident in the economic and political atmosphere of the day. With his deliberate un compromised efforts that made the Ballari District Chamber of Commerce & Industry an economic and service power house to traders, industrialists & Merchants. He proved that action speaks louder than words. Sri. Guduthur Thimmappa Shetty managed to rule the minds of the people of Ballari who elected him as counsellor continuously 32 years and 4 consecutive times as Vice President of Bellary City Municipality.

With his unusually courage to convert challenges into opportunities, Guduthur Thimmappa Shetty was regarded as great administrator, a great philonthrapist, a good business man with morals & ethics, so popular among all sections of the people of our district and a powerful, innovative leader